3 ways to while away the time

Solstice, what solstice? Terrasse season is what rings the official unofficial start of summer! And with over 46 terrasses, the Quartier gives us occasions to sit back, relax, and welcome summer at every turn. A look at terrasses, three ways.

Late morning. Whether we’re with friends or family, we take our place in the sun for a well-deserved brunch. We go to Allô! Mon Coco for a pink mimosa, Le Café du Théâtre for the sweet and salty duck French toast, or Juliette et Chocolat for the hazelnut-filled squirrel’s crepe.

Late afternoon. We take the time to kick back and feel the breeze on Mìle Public House’s terrasse for a Miley Caesar, on Balthazar’s for a Pilsner des mers, or on Zyara’s for a plate of mezzes for a discovery of new tastes under the sun.


Evening. We take advantage of dusk’s last rays by sitting down at Dirty D for a tropical sangria, at Zibo! for crunchy shrimp pogos, or at Siam for spring rolls and a cold glass of a new-to-us white wine, and we let ourselves be transported by the ambiance of our favourite spot.