Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a global retailer with a boutique approach. Does that sound like a contradiction? How about this: Urban Outfitters is the biggest small retailer in the world. Still confused? That’s because we didn’t start Urban Outfitters to make sense on paper and we certainly never thought we’d be writing something like a brand bio.

Useful Information

DIX30 icon-phone 450 656-1197
DIX30 icon-web www.urbanoutfitters.com
DIX30 icon-address 9200 boul. Leduc #110
DIX30 icon-hours

Open today from 10am to 6pm

monday10am to 6pm
tuesday10am to 6pm
wednesday10am to 6pm
thursday10am to 6pm
friday10am to 6pm
saturday9am to 5pm
sunday10am to 5pm

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