eX par Voyages Transat

Travel agency eXperience redefined

eX par Voyages Transat will bring you a fresh take on the travel agency eXperience; one that is progressive, and set in a modern environment. Let your travel journey begin with our Travel eXperts, they will be able to provide you with the guidance, support and eXpertise that you need to make your next dream vacation a reality. Get inspired through various touchpoints, such as; virtual reality, interactive digital screens, culinary experiences, presentations on the latest trends in travel, or simply exchange ideas and conversations with other customers!

Vacations are too important to mess up, so let yourself be guided by the eXperts in the industry, who will take the time to understand your needs and wants and craft something that is personalized just for you!

The travel possibilities are endless, and eX can get you there. Come and eXperience the difference for yourself!

Contact us : 450 678 2300 – Toll-free number : 1 888 331 3309 

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