Our customer service desk moved ! Come and see us in the Square at 9090 Leduc Boulevard (on the ground floor of Clinique DIX30).

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Se termine le 12 Feb.
From 02 to 12 Feb. 2023 inclusively Tracker Verona
24h restantes
From 1st to 10 Feb. 2023 inclusively Si vous cherchez l’amour, rendez-vous au Laser Game Évolution le vendredi 10 février pour une soirée spéciale Saint-Valentin.
Se termine le 15 Feb.
From 03 to 15 Feb. 2023 inclusively New lingerie starting at $14
Se termine le 14 Feb.
From 02 to 14 Feb. 2023 inclusively Make it a memorable Valentine’s Day with a gift as unique as your love.
Se termine le 14 Feb.
From 08 to 14 Feb. 2023 inclusively BUY 2 GET 1 FREE
Se termine le 30 Apr.
From 30 Jan. to 30 Apr. 2023 inclusively $120 off a complete pair of glasses!