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Hedhofis, a coworking and collaborative space designed for professionals and businesses. Hedhofis is a coworking space that offers flexible solutions adapted to your business. It’s also a community of entrepreneurs and professionals sharing a unique experience. With its dynamic environment that stimulates creativity, productivity and chance encounters, Hedhofis is much more than a workspace. It encourages collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and experience.


The Prenato clinic in the DIX30 district is the destination for pregnant women for personalized and professional medical service. Whether you want to carry out your prenatal screening, your screening for preeclampsia, your obstetrical ultrasounds during pregnancy, prenatal support or various complementary services (blood tests, gestational diabetes test, vaccination) in connection with the maternity ward, our team in nursing is ready to see you!

Our fetal DNA prenatal screening test, up to 99.9% reliable, is analyzed in Quebec via Genolab and approved by Health Canada, which allows Prenato to offer the fastest laboratory analysis. It also means encouraging the local economy and making an eco-responsible choice by minimizing transport. It is also possible to carry out a serum marker test in a single blood test. Genetics professionals are also available for your consultations concerning hereditary or genetic diseases.

Some of our services are offered in virtual mode, such as preconception support, early pregnancy meeting or perinatal support.

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Investment Advice, Wealth Management, Business Services, Discretionary Management etc.


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For almost 20 years, our company has stood out through a human approach, a strong sense of applied business and uncompromising professionalism. Our standards are high, as are yours. Located in the greater Montreal area, we serve local and national customers. Our team composed of ectuaries, analysts and programmers, allows us to establish ourselves in the realization of traditional mandates of P & C actuarial science, the creation of evaluation tools of evaluation and information information as well as the exhaustive analysis of large amounts of data (Big data).

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Sylveste Avocats Notaires inc.

Our firm has developed over the years a vast expertise in various fields of practice and thus meets the needs of a varied clientele: institutions, individuals, non-profit organizations, business people, professionals, SMEs and large companies.

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