Beigne & Glaz

Beignes & Glaz, c’est une shoppe à beignes et café conçue par des artisans qui nourrissent une indéniable passion pour tout ce qui est fait « main », qui goûte vrai et bon, très très bon. De toute évidence, ils ne sont pas du style à s’asseoir sur leurs beignes! Beignes & Glaz offre un duo à la hauteur de ta fringale dans un décor décontracté et purement instagrammable.

À chaque étape de confection, nos artisans déploient leur savoir-faire pour mettre en valeur nos ingrédients de première qualité et ainsi créer des beignes bourrés de saveur aux garnitures parfaitement alléchantes. Informe-toi de la sélection des 12 saveurs du jour disponible à la shoppe!

Avec notre mélange de grains d’exception, torréfié à Montréal dans les règles de l’art, Beignes & Glaz c’est aussi la nouvelle référence en matière de café!.


Beavertails: the famously flat donuts! Deliciously addictive, whole-wheat Canadian pastries served piping hot with your choice of delectable toppings. Also serving ice cream and other iconic Canadian treats.


New store opening November 19th!

Les Patisseries Mr. Puffs

Mr. Puffs Pastry Inc. is a Montreal based company, founded in 2004 by its founder/owner Billy Siounis, serving Hot and Fresh Puffs (loukoumades), traditional Greek donut holes. It’s the first of its kind here in North America. Puffs are traditional Greek donut holes (a.k.a. Loukoumades), dating back over 2800 years, to ancient Greece. They were served to Olympians and referred to as honey tokens, because of the traditional honey and cinnamon toppings. Puffs are: • All natural • Egg free • Lactose free • Cholesterol free • No TransFat And best of all they are always served Hot & Fresh and are glazed on order with all natural toppings such as pure honey, hazelnut chocolate & maple syrup.

Lindt Chocolate

The Lindt Chocolate Shops are perfect destinations to experience the signature LINDT Chocolate masterpieces. All LINDT Shops offer you a memorable experience, including a unique assortment of decadent chocolate, beautifully wrapped gifts and exceptional customer service. Come and enjoy the distinctive LINDT Chocolate experience.

Les Glaceurs

Every day, Les Glaceurs prepare the freshest & most delicious homemade cupcakes and cakes from traditional recipes and decorated with meticulousness. We use the highest quality ingredients in perfect dosage, and we believe this is what makes our cupcakes so irresistible! So whatever the day or time, be it an event or just to satisfy your cravings, our products will add a touch of originality and joy to your day, guaranteed!

Juliette et Chocolat

Our menu offers original chocolates with the most unique flavours. Whether you choose dark, milk or white chocolate, or go for milkshakes, smoothies with fruits or even spices (for the adventurous), or mixed with alcohol for delicious cocktails, your heart will definitely melt. We also offer a variety of more than 50 desserts!

Chocolats Favoris

With a unique selection of dippings that boasts no less than 12 varieties of real chocolate for you to dip your ice-cream in or even take home ready-melted for a delicious chocolate fondue! Whether you lean towards the powerful taste of dark chocolate or prefer the sweeter flavor of milk chocolate, chocolate is like a great wine, captivating all your senses with its many nuances – its color, shine, unusual or traditional presentation, subtle, yet intoxicating aroma, and its intense flavor and long finish when at last you taste it… So come and see us and find out everything our new Chocolats Favoris have to offer!