Established in 2005, the Capilia Group boasts more than 90 affiliated centers and points of sales in Canada and the United States. At Capilia, we pride ourselves on being a reliable, proven resource for hair health. Deeply dedicated to your wellbeing, we offer a unique and authentique experience, through a wide selection of innovative, personalized and carefully tested products and services, provided by attentive experts that are focused on listening and respecting client goals and needs.

Capilia’s ultimate goal is to make people feel good. Truly. Thanks to our network of experts who offer a comprehensive approach to hair loss, we help clients regain confidence, improve self-esteem and feel whole by providing a feeling of abundance, where there may be something missing. Capilia believes that by helping clients with their hair—a fundamental element of one’s personality— we support them in fulfilling their potential, improving their lives and, consequently, even the lives of those who surround them. When clients choose a Capilia center and meet with an expert, they can be certain that all available options will be clearly defined and that we’ll help them choose the very best path, per their needs, priorities and budget.  A personalized plan is developed to help them experience the feeling of having a healthy and great-looking head of hair. Our services are designed to offer peace of mind, with follow-ups by an expert. Tailored to the client’s expectations, needs and budget, services, specialist follow-ups and support are provided for as long as needed. These elements are at the heart of the Capilia experience and help differentiate our banner from all others in the specialized hair solutions field.


The Prenato clinic in the DIX30 district is the destination for pregnant women for personalized and professional medical service. Whether you want to carry out your prenatal screening, your screening for preeclampsia, your obstetrical ultrasounds during pregnancy, prenatal support or various complementary services (blood tests, gestational diabetes test, vaccination) in connection with the maternity ward, our team in nursing is ready to see you!

Our fetal DNA prenatal screening test, up to 99.9% reliable, is analyzed in Quebec via Genolab and approved by Health Canada, which allows Prenato to offer the fastest laboratory analysis. It also means encouraging the local economy and making an eco-responsible choice by minimizing transport. It is also possible to carry out a serum marker test in a single blood test. Genetics professionals are also available for your consultations concerning hereditary or genetic diseases.

Some of our services are offered in virtual mode, such as preconception support, early pregnancy meeting or perinatal support.

Chirurgie DIX30

Clinique de chirurgie Maxillo-faciale DIX30

Clinique de Proctologie

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Morgan, the Clinique de proctologie Dix-30 is the only one of it’s kind in Quebec. The clinic offers a very complete range of services. The company’s mission is summarized by the following 2 items: demystifying perianal diseases by setting up an information site and offer a cordial and rapid treatment to people suffering from these pathologies.

Clinique des spécialistes DIX30

The clinic provides quick access to specialists with cutting-edge knowledge in 14 different areas who are affiliated with local hospitals. You will need a referral from a family doctor to see a specialist.

Clinique Dentaire du Square

Welcome to our Clinique dentaire du Square. For general or specialized treatments, our dental team offers services of the highest professional quality. Each patient is given a personalized treatment plan.
You can get a total smile makeover in a warm and tranquil setting. We look forward to meeting you and to creating with you a healthy and beautiful smile.


Hygie offers a full range of single-patient products for the handling and disposal of body fluids that effectively minimize environmental contamination directly at the source.

No cleaning required, no risk of environmental contamination, no infrastructure required. Made from recycled materials.


With a network of more than 50 clinics, Kinatex Sports Physio offers a full range of services, from preventive care to rehabilitation.

The network’s philosophy is to offer personalized treatments in a friendly environment.

Kinatex professionals participate in ongoing training to ensure they are always providing high quality care.

Mantra Pharma

Established in 2006, Mantra Pharma quickly earned an enviable position in Quebec’s pharmaceutical industry from its great leadership and extensive business relationships. You can certainly count on the twenty-five years of industry experience of our administrators as well as on our team of specialized representatives who are in continuous contact with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Since 2009, Mantra Pharma has built a strong portfolio of generic and natural health care products that provide a competitive edge.

Mantra Pharma has succeeded in doing so by being first to market in the line of MCal supplements with vitamin D, which now offers therapeutic solutions that meet Osteoporosis Canada recommendations.

At Mantra Pharma, patient safety is of the utmost importance. That is why our offerings are clearly identified quality products that meet patient and pharmacist needs alike.