Columbus Café & Co

At Columbus Café, we cultivate the spirit of the neighborhood café and the love of good taste.
Everyone who comes in and out is first and foremost a personality. On both sides of the counter.
Behind our big-hearted bear, you’ll find committed men and women, baristas who share their know-how as much as their good humour, passionate producers and entrepreneurs who are also fellow travelers.
Above all, we have you. You who inspire us, who teach us to progress, who invent what will delight you a little more every day.
Come for a good start to the day, for your lunch break, with friends, colleagues, mom, the love of your life, for a cosy snack, to kick-start your evening… or just to comfort yourself with a good cup of coffee !
At Columbus Café, we’re proud to welcome you and share all the moments of your life, whether they be simple, grand, memorable, or indulgent !
Here, we live, we share and we enjoy.


Davids Tea

With over 150 blends to choose from, Canadian retailer DAVIDsTEA has everything from high-end traditional teas to exotic infusions from around the world.