Avenue des lumières REM

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REM, for seamless and efficient travel

Hop aboard the REM, a brand-new means of transportation that make it easier than ever to travel from Brossard to downtown via Quartier DIX30, which now has its very own station! 

Offering comfortable amenities, each car is equipped with air conditioning for the summer, heating for the winter and complimentary Wi-Fi, all for a pleasant journey. You can access the REM using your OPUS card and plan trip in advance using the Chrono or Transit apps. The REM operates 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and fares vary depending on your destination. 

To learn more about the REM: Click here

Next stop: Du Quartier

Choose Du Quatier Station, located on rue de l’Éclipse, and arrive close to the Cinema. A unique destination featuring endless possibilities, including 205+ shops, more than 65 restaurants and 2 hotels, DIX30 has something to meet every need and satisfy every taste! Several entertainment offerings also await, making it the perfect destination for families and culture seekers alike! Don’t miss these great destinations for an unforgettable visit to Quartier DIX30 using the REM. 

For a pleasant and convenient new way to get to Quartier DIX30, be sure to board the REM!